Empowerment Through Self-Learning

Today’s post will be a brief one, but I think it is an important topic to discuss on this blog because it’s something I emphasize in all of my posts and in my overall approach to health and nutrition. If you follow the news and other media sources, you will know that there is always some new diet, health trend, or nutrition recommendation. And often, this information is ever-changing and inconsistent (such as the ever-controversial egg). This leaves many people confused regarding what may be best for their health, and either results in individuals eating sub-optimally because “it’s all bad for me anyways” (I’m sure you’ve heard someone have this mentality before), or jumping between fad diets trying to find some miracle diet or perfect way of eating.

Although it seems we are constantly being bombarded by information online, we can also use that to our advantage; we can literally look up anything, at anytime, and find the information we need. The purpose of my blog is to help all of you feel empowered – by providing you with evidence-based information and leaving my recommendations open-ended, I want to encourage each of you to make informed decisions about your own health and wellness. Of course, I’ve already shared my personal journey with you, which discusses how I empowered myself through self-learning; I’ve watched documentaries, read scholarly articles, and experimented with my own diet to decide what I believe to be best for my body and my life.

I encourage all of you to not only read my posts for information, but also get on the internet and look deeper into each topic. Although Google is an easy, accessible search engine, I challenge you to dive deeper and be critical of the information you read and listen to. Anybody can post information on the internet, whether they are knowledgeable about the topic or not – it is up to you as the consumer to decide if the information is credible (remember when I talked about biased research?). I’ll write a post in the future about how you can determine whether an article is credible or not, but in the meantime, here are some resources that generally provide pretty reliable nutrition-related information:

  • Research-based information databases such as Examine.com, Labdoor.com, and Nutritionfacts.org are great resources to get evidence-based guidance on various nutrition and supplement topics;
  • Ted Talks typically feature health- and nutrition-professionals discussing cutting-edge research;
  • Nutrition professionals and Registered Dietitians that have blogs online, such as McKel from Nutrition Stripped (my favorite nutrition blog!), and
  • Google Scholar, or any other academic search engine, will provide you with true research study literature (but is also more advanced to search, read, and interpret).

The philosophy of pursuing self-learning can and should also be applied to other parts of your life too, not just nutrition. Be critical and curious about other aspects of your life and well-being such as your pesticide exposure, the environmental impact of your everyday choices, and the amount of time you spend looking at screens. By being proactive and informed about your lifestyle decisions, you will better your health, your quality of life, and the impact you have on the environment around you. You’ll also be more educated and better able to share valuable information with your friends and family, enabling them to pursue self-learning too!


I hope this post inspires and encourages each of you to pursue more self-learning, nutrition-related and otherwise. We all know that mindfulness is a popular topic as of lately, and it’s for good reason; in a world of constant stimulation and high-stress environments, it is more important than ever for us to slow down and be critical of the ever-changing world around us. Empower yourself through self-learning to determine what you value, and decide if that is reflected in your everyday decisions.

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Talk soon friends!


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