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Hey everyone! I apologize for not having an actual blog post today – it has been a hectic couple weeks with finishing my summer work contract, packing and moving back to the city, and squeezing in a visit with my family. Now with school back in full swing, Zoetic Nutrition may take a back-burner at times. This year will be a crazy one – not only am I completing the final year of my degree (hurray!), I also hold two intensive volunteer positions, a part-time job, maintain the Zoetic Nutrition blog, and play Women’s League volleyball, while still trying to have a social life, exercise, cook, clean… you know, adult things.

Although I hope to keep up with weekly posts, there may be times (for example, around exam season) when I’m only able to write a post biweekly. If you don’t want to miss any posts, make sure you sign up for email notifications! There is a form in the left-hand sidebar further down the page, and there is also a pop-up on the homepage. This ensures that whenever there is a new post, you will be notified with a brief email so you never miss a thing!

Despite all of this, I’d love to get some feedback regarding the type of content YOU would like to see. The main purpose of Zoetic Nutrition was to be an outlet to answer the questions I get from friends and peers on a regular basis, especially on plant-based nutrition. If there is a controversial topic you’d like discussed, a question you’ve been itching to ask, or simply something you find interesting, let a girl know! And if you feel uncomfortable sharing your question or suggestion, your name isn’t required in the form below, so you can remain anonymous. Seriously, if there is anything that you’d love to see discussed on the blog, let me know! I am open to any suggestions, so please share away.


Have a great week, and talk soon friends!



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