Hungry For More: September

I am the Queen of Internet tabs – seriously, my friends cringe when they see my computer screen because I always have about 20+ tabs on the go at anytime. Most of these are important and relevant to see on a daily basis: my (multiple) email account inboxes, university account, DIY spending tracker, and the Zoetic Nutrition blog are all part of my daily routine. The tabs that get out of control are usually various articles, webpages of awesome organizations, and other interesting reads I haven’t had time to check out. My intentions are always sincere – I plan to read the articles, share the information I learn with family and friends, and maybe write a Zoetic Nutrition blog post on it. What usually happens? The tab sits in my web browser for days or weeks, until I either accidentally close it, or my web browser needs to update and closes it against my will… Yes, I can recover these closed documents through my web history, but usually I move on to accumulating new articles to sit in a tab at the top of my screen.

This vicious cycle lead me to think, why don’t I find a way to archive these articles for my future reading, but also share them with my friends and family? Not to mention that the media is always overflowing with bullshit articles – how are you supposed to know what is quality, relevant, evidence-based information and what isn’t? If I’m collecting all these great articles anyways, why don’t I find a way to share them? Behold, the idea to do exactly that – Hungry for More is a monthly post that will include all the interesting, evidence-based articles and videos I’ve come across over the month. That way, I minimize how many tabs I’m accumulating and forgetting about, and I get to share the amazing information I come across with all of you – that’s a win-win in my books!

For these posts, I will dump everything I’ve come across during the month into a blog post for you to read at your leisure. These articles, webpages, and videos may vary in length, complexity, and topic of focus; the purpose is to present you with the most relevant, scientifically-correct, and interesting content available right now so you don’t have to sift through all the nonsense. Most of the time, these articles will include a mix of various topics: food and nutrition, environmental sustainability, mindfulness, and other topics related to the Zoetic Nutrition blog. Read what interests you, leave what doesn’t, and share these posts with your knowledge-hungry friends!

*** Growing crops faster may be decreasing the nutritional value of our food:

** The United Nations have created The Worlds Largest Lesson, including 17 Global Goals to tackle by 2030 to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change. More information, including the 17 goals, are outlined here:

* Beef is considered to be the most inefficient animal product to consume, and raising cattle for beef production is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change:

*** A great article (thanks Peggy for sharing!) concluding that research knows what a healthy dietary pattern is – the media just doesn’t think it should be that simple:

*** If food waste is still a foreign idea to you, watch this documentary tonight. Not only is it free, but it was filmed in Canada, so yes, food waste is a HUGE concern in our own country!


What do you think of this monthly series? Let me know in the comments below, here, or on Instagram and Twitter! If you come across an interesting article or video, please send it my way so I can share it with everyone!


Talk soon friends!


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  1. Great idea, I’m also faced with the challenge of closing tabs.
    Thank you in advance for all the good reads.

    1. Thanks Sheila! Glad I can help take some pressure off your tab bar too!

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