Hungry For More: October

It may only be the beginning of November, but winter is already dragging me down. The combination of the cold, darkness (and now snow!) make it so hard to stay motivated in the evenings. Nothing is worse than getting home from campus or work and trying to sit down to study when its already dark outside.¬†That ain’t my style. However, there is only another semester and a half left of my university career – the light at the end of the tunnel is near, my friends.

This past month, I came across so many fascinating articles! Not only were they interesting, but I came across a wide variety of topics this month – everything from food and nutrition, to green vehicles, to the benefits of smoking green, to hygiene and cleaning. That means there should be a little something for everyone, so I hope you find a few articles that spark your interest and expand your knowledge.

As always, let me know your questions and comments either below, here, or on Instagram or Twitter. Stay tuned for next week’s blog post, where I’ll be discussing intermittent fasting – this topic has been buzzing lately! I’ll be breaking down the evidence behind it, the various intermittent fasting “protocols”, and my personal experience with it.


Talk soon friends!

*Anti-bacterial soaps are no more effective than regular soap and water, and may be contributing to antibiotic resistance, and environmental and health concerns:

**I don’t know how true this timeline is, but one thing is for sure: electric cars are in your future as an accessible and affordable vehicle option:

***With the legalization of marijuana soon approaching in Canada, this is a great article about the health benefits of dope – high-quality, high-CBD dope, of course:

***The impact industrial animal agriculture has on the environment can’t be stressed enough – this topic is SO IMPORTANT and relevant to EVERYONE:

*Although this isn’t conclusive research, the heme iron found exclusively in meat may be linked to diabetes:

**We know that cancer cells grow like crazy, but why? Science suggests… sugar.

**Speaking of sugar… Great article from Yoni Freedhoff (a medical professor from Ottawa) calling out a prime example of kid-targeted food marketing:

*A beautiful salad recipe video from Joy McCarthy, author of the cookbook Joyous Health:

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